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Myths & truths about biodegradable products

While making the environmentally-minded choices it is important to consider the whole life-cycle of the product: it’s origin, production, life-cycle and disposal. None of the mentioned is of higher priority than the others: it is necessary to find the best combination.

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#Suckõrs and reed drinking straws. How Suckõrs really gets to you?

#Suckõrs engraved on the straws is more than just a name. It is also a promise that we are responsible in manufacturing the product and we work tirelessly to ensure quality. #Suckõrs is created to be a reusable drinking straw, therefore the strength and durability has been taken care of. Every straw that leaves our factory is as important to us as the earth it comes from, and the customers it goes to.

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Reed on the coast and straws in the glass

Harvesting reed cleans up coastal areas and improves the growth conditions of other species. The raw material is natural, local, and quickly renewable – therefore, the products we make have little to no effect on the climate. When processed responsibly, items made of reed are fully biodegradable, maintain high functionality, and lessen the global waste pollution caused by the use of synthetic materials.

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